Message From MD & CEO

Mr. AshishKumar Chauhan MD & CEO
BSE Ltd.

India is well on track to maintain its position as one of the world’s fastest growing economies. The current budget and socio-political aspects has enabled great opportunities for the economy & the future looks optimistic. With a strong determination and vision to create a platform for genuine intellectual stimulation and pioneering research as also to continue glorious tradition of the innovator - BSE Ltd., it is our pleasure to introduce Masters in Global Financial Markets and Masters in Financial Technology wherein many of the world’s prominent authorities in their domains have collaborated with us.

Every market player in today’s international arena - investors, brokers, traders, employees of the banking or insurance industries, including compliance professionals – must possess a comprehensive knowledge comprising of the fundamentals of products and markets in their line of work as well as recognize the dynamics that drive markets & the mathematics that explain it. If we look at the future, say 50 years hence, even more fancy market models may be developed. Models would be even more accurate than what they are today. However, the incremental value addition from here to then in the model creation industry for capital markets may still keep out a large delta that will continue to provide employment opportunities even 50 years from now.

Three key principles that govern global financial markets are: Transaction processing & price signalling, need for corporate governance and need for capital & new instruments. Currently, more than 50% Indians are below the age of 25. On the other hand, less than 1.5% of the Indian population has invested in capital markets. This emphasizes the immense potential our financial markets hold for the coming generations. As new markets open up worldwide, it is essential to comprehend financial markets from a multifaceted global perspective.

The aim of the Post-Graduate Diploma Program is to provide students with a holistic educational experience that can be directly applied to the Financial Services Industry. With the support of industry professionals, our students have the opportunity to directly apply learned ideas, theories, tools in practicality and engage with the market at a unique level. We are confident that this phase here will be both enjoyable and rewarding, providing you with proficiency and experience that will prove hugely constructive in your academic and professional careers.

A bright future awaits you!

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